Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

You spend most of your time in your office, which is why it is necessary to get your offices cleaned just as much you’d get your homes cleaned. It is important that a thorough carpet cleaning is performed at least twice a year to remove the chances of bacteria and fungus present inside your carpets, promoting a filthy work environment.

We provide the best commercial carpet cleaning services in town. Don’t worry, we don’t just claim it, we also deliver what we have promised.
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What do we do?

We provide an on-site inspection of your carpets, create a customized cleaning program that is based specific to your carpet, and use flexible timings to accommodate your business hours.

Clean Mold from Carpet

In large workspaces, the chances of mold accumulating are very high. This is why it is important to get it cleaned. If your carpet is affected by Fungus or Mold, don’t get it replaced! Simply get it cleaned by us. Renew your old carpets and remove the bad odor caused due to old fungus hoarding inside the carpet threads over the years. With our services, you’ll notice a visible difference in your overall work mood— thanks to cleaner, more hygienic carpets!

Via state-of-the-art machinery to deliver the best results

Your safety is our surety. This is why we use only the best technology to clean the carpets and remove any bacteria and germs that have been residing there for over a while and kill pests that are lying around at the top, nibbling you at every chance they get. 

The best part about us is that we never stop learning or updating our technologies, so you can be assured that if the bugs would advance, so would our tools and machinery.

Planned and designed, keeping in view your carpet cleaning needs

Some carpets need harsh cleaning, while some require gentle cleaning. We access the carpet cleaning needs by carefully evaluating the thread count and quality of the material, while also keeping in view the sanitization and cleanliness required. We check for any insects, fungus or dirt and grime hidden beneath the fiber of the carpet and clean it by using separate solvents for each kind of carpet. 

If you have soiled or stained carpets, we remove them without damaging the color of your carpet.  All our solvents are carefully measured and created keeping in view how much your carpet can handle. But don't worry, that doesn't mean that we don't kill germs. We find them and kill them hard.

Rug and Carpet Cleaning without disrupting your business!

Our team at CarpetCleaningPro is extremely professional and would never even consider disrupting your business at any cost. This is why we only work according to our customer’s timings, and can pick and drop the carpets according to the timings that you provide!

Prolong your carpet’s survival

Extend your carpet life and improve your customer experience by getting your carpets cleaned from the experts at Carpet Cleaning Pro. We use heat, pressure, extraction and any other method that you can think of— just to get your carpets cleaned of any fungus, mold, and dirt that might be present in your carpet.

Ready to book now?

If you would like a professional and affordable carpet dry cleaner, then look no further. All bookings can be made through our centralized booking office. For a free quote and or booking please contact us now.


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